Whitman Teen And Adult Martial Arts Classes

Beginner Teen And Adult Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In June

If you're looking for a Martial Arts program that will teach you practical self defense skills while also having fun, then look no further than Teen & Adult Martial Arts classes at The TAMA Dojo!

Whether these classes are your first martial arts experience or you've already graduated through several belts, this exciting program for ages 14 and up in Whitman will keep you engaged in a focused self defense and fitness program based around your goals and needs!

Nothing Compares To Teen & Adult Martial Arts At The TAMA Dojo!

At The TAMA Dojo, we make sure that our classes are designed to keep everyone of all skills engaged and constantly growing, which is why we have divided our program into different levels. Just take a look below!

With our beginners we concentrate on giving them a sound foundation in the arts through training and discipline.

Our intermediate students are able to explore a bit more with what we call tools: tools are anything you learn at the dojo for self-defense or general quality of life. They are not always physical, but sometimes can be mental or even spiritual. A saying we use is “you bring the toolbox and we’ll fill it with tools.” Some of the training we offer at this level is grappling, pressure point training and solo weapons training.

At the advanced level our students not only have more tools but also now are encouraged to create. After all, we are martial artists and what do artists do, they create. Some of the training that is done at this level is a higher level of grappling, self defense training and dynamic weapons defense. If you really want to embrace the arts remember, “martial arts isn’t something you do it’s something you are.”

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