Martial Arts Programs Available In Whitman

Kids Martial Arts

At The TAMA Dojo, we help your child develop basic skills that will show up in all aspects of life so that you can be sure they are learning the foundational skills to become a successful adult. Time after time, our Kids Martial Arts classes have proven to help children become goal-oriented, athletic and academic achievers!

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Teen and Adult Martial Arts

If you're looking for a Martial Arts program that will teach you practical self defense skills while also having fun, then look no further than Teen & Adult Martial Arts classes at The TAMA Dojo! This exciting program for ages 14 and up in Whitman will keep you engaged in a focused self defense and fitness program based around your goals and needs.

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Womens Fitness Kickboxing

In a comfortable women-only environment, the Kickboxing Fitness classes at The TAMA Dojo are your best choice for a high-powered, calorie-crushing workout. Beginning with your very first kickboxing class (which is always free!!!) you'll learn how to punch and kick your way to your health and fitness goals in no time!

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Little Eagles

Our Little Eagles Classes offer the best Kids Martial Arts training in Whitman. Students ages 4 to 7 can learn the basics of multiple disciplines and develop long-lasting character skills like respect and discipline.

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Birthday Parties

Reserve the best birthday party in Whitman today at The TAMA Dojo. Our celebrations are perfect for kids of all ages and allow parents to sit back and have a great time too. Learn more today!

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Competition Team

Our Competition Team in Whitman offers your child a chance to train and perform all over New England, New York, and more! Learn more about this incredible program and get started today!

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