Kids Training

Dear Parents,

Hi, my name is Mario Mastro, owner of The Tama Dojo. I’ve been professionally teaching children just like yours for 36 years, and we’ve spent countless hours focusing our Whitman Martial Arts Classes on things that parents just like you want for their children. Things like Focus, Confidence, Discipline, and Independent Motivation – Life Skills that Martial Arts students at The Tama Dojo use every day in their school classroom, at home, and everywhere they go.

Give them skills for life, give them martial arts!

Adult Training
Adult Training

Get FIT, feel GREAT and Learn Real, Proven Self Defense Skills that could Save your LIFE.

Testimonial 1

"Our family has been at The Tama Dojo for six years now. It is the best decision we ever made for our boys. We have all four of our boys enrolled at The Tama Dojo. It has helped them in so many ways. Being a martial artist has boosted their self-esteem immensely. It also has taught them discipline, respect and how to defend themselves. This is important to me as parent of all boys. It has carried over to all areas of their lives including school. They enjoy going to class every week and have made so many friends there as well. The owner, Shihan Mario Mastro, has been such a great role model for my kids as well. I would never consider going anywhere else."

The Glover Family

Learn, Grow, Improve, Repeat

Jiu Jitsu is the fastest growing Martial Art for a reason. Our Whitman Jiu Jitsu classes at The Tama Dojo will hone you, mentally, physically and emotionally.


Martial arts is good for your physical and mental health.


We have class schedules to fit your busy lifestyle.


We can help you find a balance in your physical and mental being.